Philip Richards recalls: ‘The company was inaugurated more than 14 years ago and over that time I’ve concentrated on taking blu_line from a small niche operation to one of the leading brands in SA’s luxury kitchen market. I’ve always focused on the relational aspect of the product, ensuring that it’s not only functional but also that the experience of those using the space is enhanced, not hindered.

‘To ensure this direction I travel extensively, conduct continual R&D and focus on simple observation of current society, to make sure that our product is able to bring order, calm and therefore serve relationships in the home.

‘We’ve always ensured that our cabinetry be functional, stipulating that every task is catered for through the use of thought-through internal arrangements that come standard with each kitchen. In 2016 the demand is for functional cabinets that don’t just enhance the aesthetics of a space but the practical day-to-day living environments too.

‘We’ve seen some interesting trends with worktops, but we chose to keep focused on our particular signature as these came and went. The market trends have ranged from thick to thin counters and we’ve always believed that the best solution is a combination of both, adding interest and character to the overall space. 2016 has seen this trend emerging and it’s complemented by worktops in various textures, something we’ve also focused on over the years. Our new showroom in Peter Place, Sandton showcases some of these textures that are new to the international market.

‘This is obviously an exciting topic as we’ve always believed in the inclusion of the latest materials that the local and international market has to offer and with a new manufacturing facility, we’re able to introduce certain new materials, constructed in new ways. We’re now working with natural stone, aluminium etched and rubbed down to give a natural yet practical finish; and authentic timber veneers that go through our own custom sanding process to create a different feel. With these we combine smoked and bronze glass accents to add depth to our design schemes; these – along with new door ranges – can be experienced at the new showroom.

For the full article see Habitat #255 September / October 2016

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