‘Mastering the art of stylish simplicity, functionality and comfort is what it’s all about.’ So says Sabine Linkenheil; it’s a personal rationale that exudes when talking to European-born co-owner and Director of Johannesburg-based Comfort Creations. This is not because the seating solutions company has been making waves in the local design industry for years, but because their years of experience, passion and a tailor-made, detail oriented approach to their products is what gives essence to the familiar term ‘trendsetting’.

Born in Germany, Ms Linkenheil moved to South Africa in 1991. Twenty-five years later, she can still clearly recall how she arrived with only a suitcase: after travels through Europe, Canada and the United States. She was eagerly in search of new opportunities and to experience an exhilarating
new culture.

She started her retail experience in South Africa at a French-based company, assisting in setting up their various outlets, but soon realised she needed a further challenge. ‘I applied for a position at Comfort Creations in Internal Sales and Organising and started right at the bottom, ready to get to know every aspect of the business in detail,’ she explains.

For the full article see Habitat #252 March / April 2016