Lexus revealed the ‘RZ Sport Concept’ and ‘LX 600 ‘Off-road’ Team JAOS 2022 ver.’ at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, held in January at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City. The brand also debuted the ‘RX Outdoor Concept’, ’ROV Concept 2’ and ‘GX Outdoor Concept’ for the first time at the concurrently held Tokyo Outdoor Show.




The two concept cars exhibited at the Auto Salon embody the Lexus vision to achieve a carbon neutral society and offer a range of diverse lifestyles, adhering to the corporate concept of ‘Diverse lifestyles to enjoy with beloved cars’ and ‘Making ever-better motorsports-bred cars’.

RZ SPORT CONCEPT – developed with Masahiro Sasaki

The ‘RZ Sport Concept’ displayed offers the unique driving experience of a battery EV combined with the joy of customisation, while still contributing to the realisation of a carbon neutral society. Based on the first dedicated Lexus battery-electric model ‘RZ’, this model is equipped with high output 150kW motors in the front and rear to achieve even more powerful driving performance.

The vehicle has been lowered by 35mm and features custom aero parts, larger diameter tyres and full bucket seats at both front and rear.

Under the supervision of racing driver Masahiro Sasaki, who was involved in the development of the RZ, this model offers improved driving performance and the added joy of customisation. The exterior colour ‘Hakugin’ is based on a pure, clear white base that produces a delicate shining texture when illuminated, while the blue accent colour evokes the clean and dynamic performance of battery EVs, accentuating the sporty image.



LX 600 ‘OFFROAD’ TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.

The LX 600 ‘Off-road’ Team JAOS 2022, from Team JAOS, operated by JAOS Co. Ltd., participated in the 2022 BAJA1000, was also exhibited. The BAJA1000 is one of the world’s toughest off-road races, with less than half of the competitors finishing each year. All those who do finish are said to be winners because of surviving this gruelling, non-stop race over approximately 1,600km off-road from start-to-finish. The vehicle entered in the competition was modified according to the ‘Stock Full Class (unmodified production vehicle class)’ regulations with a primary focus on safety enhancements.



The BAJA1000 project with Team JAOS remains ongoing as part of a three-year project. The competition vehicle continues to evolve as it accumulates racing experience.

For more information on the LX 600 ‘Off-road’ Team JAOS 2022 ver., visit the JAOS Corporation website here