In the world of OKHA Design Studio, the acronym STM is often used, it literally means ‘SPEAK TO ME’, and is a request for further dialogue, a desire to communicate and explore the subject further with the aim of finding the optimum solution, the best possible result.

So, STM also invariably implies a journey of study and discovery. It, therefore, seemed appropriate to apply the name to one of their chairs and that chair happens to have become one of the most iconic in their collection.

visit: Gavin Maddock

The STM swivel armchair is a contemporary classic that successfully references post-modern design signatures whilst being relevant and current. It is a chair of great comfort, aesthetic clarity and definition that expresses craftsmanship, discretion and elegance, whilst its swivel base creates almost limitless options for positioning and use.

Available in a wide range of high-quality timbers such as Ash, Walnut and numerous Oak finishes and with leather or fabric upholstery, the many possibilities provide a broad palette to customise your product. The STM is a fine example of the process of ‘SPEAK TO ME’.


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