Nestled near the renowned Lanseria Airport and the world-famous Cradle of Humankind, this exceptional project finds its exquisite location at the Blair Atholl Golf & Equestrian Estate. The residence reflects the visionary design expertise of AMA Architects.

Bearing the name of a prominent family on the original farm of Gary Player, the Blair Atholl Golf and Equestrian Estate emerges as a serene oasis that’s a stone’s throw away from Johannesburg. Adorned with lush trees and bordered by the enchanting Crocodile River, Blair Atholl boasts many acres of open ground, providing ample space for children to frolic and adults to revel in the embrace of nature.

Comprising two magnificent structures that exude a rustic yet refined charm, they blend with the idyllic country surroundings. These structures feature impressive RheinZink cladding, flawlessly flowing from the roofs to the walls; while large, glazed panels grace their sides, inviting an abundance of natural light.

The main structures are interconnected by the common areas: the kitchen, dining area, and TV lounges. These shared spaces are enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the rooms in a gentle cascade of sunlight. Water takes centre stage in the house’s surroundings, with a stunning elongated water feature that honours the front garden – extending along the driveway and encircling the entrance, it punctuates a most captivating welcome.

Upon entering the house, a glass-roofed walkway guides you from the front garden’s water feature, through the dwelling, and seamlessly extends to the pool area. This magnificent feature allows the breath-taking views from the pool to soothe and transport you as you step inside this extraordinary abode.

Set on a sprawling 4,085-sq-metre site, the house spans an impressive 846-sq metres. The homeowner’s desire for a relaxing retreat that ‘celebrates life’s offerings while fostering social connections feels effortlessly fulfilled within these walls,’ says Adrian Maserow.

Designed to offer tranquillity and luxurious comfort, the house also incorporates private rooftop spaces that provide moments of solitude if desired. These rooftop havens include a bar and lounge area with a spacious terrace, perfect for revelling in the awe-inspiring vistas.

A smaller rooftop sanctuary, adorned with a pergola and a roof garden, complements this serene space. Inside, a TV lounge adjacent to the kitchen and a cozy rest lounge on the mezzanine level – offer abundant invitations to relax.

For intimate conversations, a secluded area adjoins the expansive glazed room housing the broad wine collection, leading to a beautifully appointed open office. The main bedroom incorporates spacious dressing rooms and two splendid en-suite bathrooms with dressing rooms: one for him, and one for her. Two additional bedrooms are both en-suite. The grandeur of the home is completed by a large gym that extends onto a terrace, where a floor-to-ceiling window allows for invigorating workouts across a mesmerising view.

In line with the client’s requirements and in response to the current energy and water challenges faced by some metropolitan areas, the design team skilfully balanced these factors with the guidelines set forth by Blair Atholl. The result is a residence that maximises efficiency while maintaining an impeccable aesthetic. The inclusion of subtle solar panels and extra water tanks ensures that the house can operate off the grid without compromising its visual appeal.


location: Blair Atholl, Johannesburg, SA | architecture: AMA Architects 083 378 2891|photography: N. Baleta