A book curated by Francesca Molteni and Cristina Colli – published by Mondadori Electa – a film directed by Francesca Molteni, and a photography travelling exhibition, all revealing the secrets of the smart Italian manufactory made by Giorgetti, and conveying an extraordinary narrative about the uniqueness of the interior design, capable of understanding habits, tastes, and markets.

From retrospective through introspection to Perspective. Giorgetti presents the show “Object To Project”, a travelling exhibition celebrating the 120th anniversary of the brand, one of the many cultural initiatives promoted by the company.

A project voted to celebrate Giorgetti 120th anniversary sharing candid and curious perspectives, where craft and art, heritage and innovation collide.

A cultural hub for unusual explorations, ranging from design to the people who made it happen, addressing the complexity of Giorgetti’s narrative with the levity of freedom and optimism.

visit: illusso.co.za/brand/giorgetti/


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