Every Slamp piece is unique because the creative process does not stem from a 3D file. The creative process requires a designer to get their hands “dirty” as they cut, sew and sculpt the materials and pay respect to 25 years of grounded studious research and development. Unique in their ability to stand out amongst the objects of those who narrate their own identity through interior design: those who leave on the light as the only voice within a silent evening; those who unknowingly, with a simple click, reignite the full-on energy of artistic creation.

“We didn’t make a lamp, we made a ceiling”. Miguel Arruda introduces his work with Slamp with these words. The modular system started from the symbology he applied to a sculpture in 1980; Slamp’s R&D team transformed it, creating folded and jointed, meter-long hexagonal sections to be infinitely combined, filling a space with floating landscapes. Nuvem is a “ceiling”, illuminated by bidirectional spotlights.

visit: www.slamp.com/en

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