Opened in the spring of 2013, the Fogo Island Inn combines luxury accommodation with sustainability to create a unique geo-tourism destination. While the four-storey Inn presents a silhouette that matches the drama of its Atlantic Ocean backdrop, it intuitively remains in scale with other buildings on the island with which it shares a likeness.

An intensely local menu is built on the culinary traditions of the island and the abundance of locally sourced ingredients, such as wild berries, snow crab, cod, halibut, scallops, lobsters, lamb and caribou.

Fogo Islanders are a people who, by virtue of their centuries of geographic isolation, have become masters of making things by hand, recycling, and devising local solutions to all manner of challenges. Since the beginning of European settlement in the late 1600s, Fogo Islanders have been building wooden boats, houses, tools and furniture. The textile traditions of the Island include knitting, quilting, hooking mats, crocheting and artistic sewing.

Beginning in 2010, artists and designers from afar were invited to visit and learn about the island. To experience this powerfully elemental place, walk the landscape and – most importantly – to meet and work with the men and women who make their lives here. These encounters resulted in collaborations on the design and production of the furniture, textiles and furnishings for the Fogo Island Inn and formed the genesis of the Fogo Island Shop, which continues to expand this collaboration with a brand new line of unique furniture and furnishings.

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