In a world where products are moving from standardised to customised, today’s consumers want high quality products that meet their specific requirements. Electrical accessories are no exception and Schneider Electric has risen to the challenge with the innovative Iconic™ range of modern electrical accessories set to turn the wiring devices market upside down.

With this range, Schneider Electric offers electricians and homeowners a host of sleek switches, dimmers, sockets, USB chargers, and motion sensors which are sure to shake things up. The new range is easy to customise, easy to install and pleasing to the eye, with a wide choice of stylish and elegant skins ready to fit into your environment.

Designed for electricians by electricians, Iconic electrical accessories raise the bar for extremely safe, long-lasting and reliable switching mechanisms. There are a variety of built-in features that are unique to the range, making it the obvious choice for a quality installation and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

“Iconic is truly next generation, loaded with clever features like a locking bar and in-line terminals”, says John Raptakis, Offer Manager, Home and Distribution Division for Schneider Electric. “With the Iconic range, we are helping contractors and electricians deliver the best to their clients now and into the future.”

Innovative features

This innovative new range features a locking bar which makes it easy to change the orientation of the mechanism, resulting in a fast and easy installation. It also makes the switch safer for the end-user. To prevent cases of users unintentionally pushing back the switch inside the wall, Schneider Electric engineers have invented the mech lock which allows electricians to secure every switch mechanism in the grid. “This is another way we are helping electricians and homeowners. By adding this measure, electricians can be rest assured that their installations are reliable, and they won’t be called back to site facing unhappy customers,” says Raptakis.

Furthermore, when removing the mechanism, there is no risk of damage to the grid. The locking bar can be locked or unlocked with just one push of a screwdriver. The in-line terminals for easy screw access and faster termination, are yet another exciting innovation.

Easily customisable

Schneider Electric Iconic is future-ready, allowing for style and function updates in the coming years. The range offers game changing compatible modules and grids with changeable skins and dollies for unrivalled customisation. Whether it is a new installation or a retrofit, the aesthetics can be changed because the functional part of the switch is separated from the fascia. This future proofs your installation and allows it to be customised according to your customers’ tastes, any time.

Easy to install

One of the slimmest ranges on the market with a 7 mm switch profile and 9 mm socket profile, your standard mounting accessories can still be used with Iconic accessories. Additionally, clear markings display instructions on the mech grid to facilitate installation for electricians such as strip length. The innovative safety flaps display warnings to advise customers against opening the unit or attempting to undo the screws.

“Schneider Electric engineers have really knocked this one out the park, ensuring that we continue to deliver a range of reliable, innovative and unrivalled electrical solutions. With the Iconic range, we are solving problems you didn’t know you had,” concludes Raptakis.

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