Created in 1983, the Fabri Group specializes in residential design and is a leading brand in this competitive market, both in Portugal and South Africa.

Resulting from the founder’s vision; to make kitchens of excellence available to the Portuguese public, the FABRI name has become a symbol of innovation, quality, elegance and exclusivity. Not only in the design and production of kitchens, but also in terms of integrated kitchen furniture solutions. Following the status it’s achieved the brand has received several awards over the years, including:  The European Product Design Award 2018 / Best Custom Kitchen Design Company in South Africa in 2017. FABRI Group currently encompasses one production unit, three showrooms in Portugal and one in South Africa.

Following what’s trending in 2020 and beyond, FABRI, a Portuguese brand of 37 years, has renewed its headquarters and created a new showroom; featuring four kitchen models, one bathroom and one closet. This space showcases the latest FABRI furniture trends in design, colour and finish, as well as accessories and technology. The new showroom, added to the headquarters and industrial unit, allows the customer to have more direct contact with the product and its production. And by being located in the municipality of Cascais, it provides for a larger geographical area of coverage in the district of Lisbon.

Says FABRI’s Inês Sabino: ‘For this particular showroom, we introduced a different concept. Considering that FABRI is a designed-and-made-in Portugal brand, we chose to use only made in Portugal branded pieces in the interior decoration and design. The result is presented, together with our furniture, as a small sample of kitchenware designs in glass, ceramic and cork; plus lamps, rugs and chairs, and beautiful cutlery from the renowned Cutipol brand.

‘We have a working kitchen equipped with appliances from the prestigious Smeg collection, with Silestone worktops intended for use in showcookings for our customers. The showroom is spacious and bright and combines various materials with modern and sophisticated textures. It will be open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 to welcome construction, architecture and design professionals as well as the general public.’

Complemented by generous private parking, this is a space designed to dazzle with each new visit.

The official opening was on September 27th 2019.


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