Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, has formed an exclusive partnership with Piattibelli, a manufacturer of ultra-thin shower trays, to offer architects and designers an extensive range of stylish and high-performance drainage plates for bathrooms.

Significantly, this is the first time Neolith’s raw materials have been moulded with a curve for this purpose, using patented manufacturing technology. Especially challenging with such slim slabs, the end result is progressive evacuation slopes that facilitate fast and effective water drainage.

The fittings are available in nine popular Neolith colours, including igneous Basalt Black, minimalist Nieve and industrial Concrete. 17 more chic patterns are available for projects, providing welcome flexibility to achieve the desired look, whether elegant, warm or luminous.

Responding to market demand for uniform bathroom interiors, the singular trays are available with dimensions of 200 x 100 cm to 70 x 70 cm, allowing for seamless installation.

Adaptable to any bathroom style or setting, Piattibelli shower plates are renowned for being remarkably thin. Only 18 mm thick, they are ideal for remodelling as they do not create barriers or depth differences at the shower entrance. The lightweight achieved by this incredible slenderness, combined with single jointless pieces and expertly cut, flawless edges, ensures an easy installation process.

Bathroom materials need to balance aesthetics with function, particularly water resistance. Neolith’s antibacterial and waterproof qualities make it an exceptional choice, impervious to staining, UV wear and cleaning products. Finally, a completely slip-free finish delivers a reliable, safe surface.

Neolith’s Mar Esteve Cortes comments: “In the past, bathroom design has been overlooked as other rooms are prioritised, but we’re seeing interesting trends on the horizon at the moment, including monochromatic colours and seamless, single slabs being used in shower cubicles.

“We’re always excited to explore new applications of Neolith across different sectors. Collaboration brings together the best aspects of high-quality products and services to drive innovation. Forming partnerships within the industry allows manufacturers to realise the potential and push the limits of their offerings. This, in turn, provides excellent opportunities for growth and development.”

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