Ricardo Rossi of Ricardo Rossi Architecture and Interiors, has specified Neolith® by TheSize, the brand of Sintered Stone, in the refurbishment of IV Centenário, a residential home in Brazil.

Replicating an aged metal surface, Iron Corten was selected to provide a contrast of colour against the sophisticated greys and muted whites, while also complementing the earthy tones, present throughout the property.

The warmest decor from the Iron Collection, Iron Corten, with its strong orange hues inherent to iron oxide, communicates an alluring aesthetic.

In addition to its visual qualities, durability was equally at the core of Rossi’s selection process for specifying Neolith. The architect explains: “We wanted a hard-wearing surface that would remain intact over time and withstand the wear and tear that typically occurs in the home environment”.

With a highly resistant Satin finish, Iron Corten delivers a surface hardness that is often favoured for commercial use. The application of the matte finish to a residential project, coupled with the scratch resistance and modulus of rupture afforded by Neolith, offered a hard-wearing integrity to the design.

Hygienic, waterproof, easy to clean and 100% natural, Neolith’s properties provide a versatility that makes the surface equally suitable for application in the kitchen and breakfast room as it is for the living space and beyond; a factor the IV Centenário project took full advantage of.

Rossi continues: “Neolith’s properties meant we could apply the panels to different rooms throughout the home in full confidence that the surfacing material possessed the qualities best suited to the functionality of that particular environment”.

Iron Corten was also specified for the balcony facades; Neolith’s resistance to high temperatures and UV rays making it ideal for the scorching Brazilian weather. Rossi comments: “Due to the open plan nature of the ground floor layout, in which the outdoor area connects with the interior lounge, it was important for the surfacing material to not deteriorate under exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures.”

Furthermore, with the connecting exterior featuring a swimming pool, Neolith’s near-zero water absorption and resistance to chemical cleaning agents meant potential exposure to pool water and chorine would not affect the integrity of the material.

The surface is surprisingly lightweight: a 3mm and 12mm Neolith panel weighs only 7 kg/m² and 30 kg/m² respectively. In combination with the different availability of sheet sizes, which include large formats measuring 3200 x 1500 and 3600 x 1200mm, as well as bespoke options, Neolith was an extremely attractive proposition for the project.

Rossi expands: “Being able to cover large areas with fewer panels, combined with Neolith’s lightweight properties, provides installation advantages from a labour, time and cost perspective.”

“In addition to putting the customer’s wishes in the design concept of the vanguard, Ricardo Rossi Architecture and Interiors is also concerned with sustainability and whenever possible will specify eco-friendly materials.” For the IV Centenário project, TheSize’s production processes and Neolith’s sustainable, ecological and 100% recyclable nature offered a product in keeping with this approach.

visit: www.neolith.co.za | www.neolith.com


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