Neolith® Blanco Carrara BC02 Polished has been chosen by renowned French pâtissière, Anne-Sophie Rischard for the worktops and splashback in the kitchen of her Parisian apartment.

The author of two cookery books, winner of Le Meilleur Pâtissier 2014 and founder of the highly-popular Fashion Cooking blog, was initially drawn to Neolith on account of its high-quality finish, look and feel. She felt it would add a stylish touch to her kitchen, simultaneously delivering on all the technical specifications required for professional pastry work.

The kitchen is Anne-Sophie’s base of operations, where she makes and bakes incredible cakes and pastries. For her, Neolith’s culinary advantages were immediately apparent. As a baker, the very flat and non-porous surface ensures that dough can be rolled-out perfectly smooth, without sticking to the worktop.

From an aesthetic perspective, she specifically chose Neolith Blanco Carrara as it lends itself perfectly to the large amount of photographing and filming which complements her cooking. It was essential the surface chosen retained a degree of tonal neutrality, in order to emphasise Anne-Sophie’s dishes; acting as a blank canvas on which here creations can stand out for the camera.

Anne-Sophie liked the visual effect of Neolith Blanco Carrara so much, she also used the surface within her bathroom as a vanity top, providing an interesting point of contrast to the room’s wooden cabinetry and white-glazed brickwork.

Three slabs measuring 3200mm x 1500mm x 12mm were used for the kitchen worktops and bathroom, 1 slab of 3200mm x 1500mm x 6mm for the kitchen splashback. Neolith Carrara BC02 Polished was used for all surfaces.

Commenting on the use of Neolith Carrara within her kitchen, Anne-Sophie says: “From a practical perspective, the very smooth qualities of the surface are highly desirable. As a pâtissière I make a large amount of cakes and pastries on a daily basis, Neolith Carrara allows me to spread dough easily and, importantly, it doesn’t leave any marks or smudges on the dough; very rare to find in a kitchen worktop. One of my favourite features is that you can put scalding hot pans on the countertop directly from the oven without leaving any marks or blemishes. Furthermore, it’s really easy to clean and comes with the added reassurance of being very hygienic, crucial to anyone preparing food privately or commercially.”

She continues: “I was looking for a marble with minimal veining and a natural feel. Carrara immediately stood out, it’s both elegant, subtle and the spontaneity of the patterning is ingenious.”

Inspired by real Carrara marbles from Italy, Blanco Carrara’s hyper-realistic appearance is the result of Neolith’s in-house designers’ extensive research into Carrara Marble’s individual qualities. Using a custom developmental approach, Neolith has created a Sintered Stone surface which captures the unpredictable veining and pearlescence of the natural material.

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