In an effort to make great design accessible to everyone, Munnike’s moody ceramics, handcrafted from pitch black clay, have been incorporated within the Spring ‘17 selection curated by Konnect.

Fluid in function and satisfying in form, Munnike’s tactile manipulations of earthy mud are made to be used and passed down as heirlooms.

The ceramicist, Munnike Geldenhuys, says: “I really love making things that are simple and easy to use, but that are also very beautiful. I don’t think form and function need to be mutually exclusive. With this range, I wanted to create hardworking vessels with multiple functions, that at the same time could easily sit around being sexy and content, without needing anything to hold.”

When asked about her passion for making ceramics, she shared: “The ceramic process as a whole has become invaluable to me. It is my greatest teacher. It has taught me patience, detachment and to be gentle. It has reintroduced me to the importance of play and it continually reminds me that striving for perfection is simply ludicrous, as it does not actually exist. The beauty of imperfection is something I meditate on daily and I love seeing it come through in my work. To me, there is nothing more visceral than clay, but to be totally honest, I also just like to get dirty.”

“I want people to enjoy my pieces in their homes and to enjoy the fact that art can be accessible, beautiful and multi-functional, all at the same time,” concludes Geldenhuys.

To view her pieces, along with those of other designers who have been invited to participate in the Konnect platform, visit the Blok Space at 51 Regent Road, Sea Point.

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