In a tandem creative step taken by two illustrious London brands, Bergman Interiors and Hofa Gallery are launching Aeditions, their new joint design project in May this year. Inspired by their appreciation for contemporary art and bespoke luxury interiors, Aeditions will specialise in creating décor and furniture designs in collaboration with some of the world’s most remarkable contemporary artists and designers.

Among the first designs to be released this spring are creations by celebrated sculptural painter, Zhuang Hong Yi, whose signature 3-dimensional flowerbed paintings are coveted for their sensational colour vibrance and emphatic homage to flowers. Hong Yi has created unique table light, chair and console designs fit for any nature-lover’s dream. The phenomenal Ilhwa Kim, painter of sculpted, biomorphic seed universes, will also début a cigar and mini bar design which encapsulates her unique vision of nature and the subjectiveness of perception.





This new bespoke interior design studio is spearheaded by Bergman Co-founder Marie Soliman and Hofa Co-founder Elio D’Anna who will release a range of collectible, limited-edition designs including consoles, table lamps, standing mirrors, mini bars and the deluxe ‘Lapis’ Chessboard set designed by Soliman herself.  With remarkably intricate details, flawless finishes, and sweeping craftsmanship, each creation will be a work of art in its own right. Moreover, all 50 limited editions of each design will be accompanied by a certificate of authentication, in addition to being numbered and signed by the artist.





Prolific contemporary portraitist and surrealist painter Loribelle Spirovski is also part of the maiden cohort of artists, with her unmistakable artistic style beautifully embodied in the ‘Emissary Mirror & Screen Divider’, which features a unique silkscreen print and brass finishing, and the ‘Homme Table Lamp’ made of elegant Carrara marble and steel.

Commenting on the launch, Co-founder of Aeditions Marie Soliman said, ‘Aeditions creates an entirely new and interactive way of experiencing art. It’s the possibility of creating unique luxury interior designs where the fusion of art and function drives every concept.’

Echoing the same sentiments, Elio D’Anna, Co-founder of Aeditions, said, ‘Combining art, design and interior décor is what Aeditions will be about, and each collection will be impeccably designed and exquisitely made. We have created a bold, new way for people to incorporate contemporary art into their home interiors.’

All designs are available exclusively through Aeditions from 20 May 2021