location: The Odyssey, 197 Main Road, Green Point | Berman Bros. Group | architecture: MLB Architects | interior design: InHouse Brand Architects | photography: Mark Williams – markwilliamsphoto.com

The Odyssey – a recently completed penthouse – nestles between the bustling mini-metropolis of Green Point and Signal Hill on the Atlantic seaboard. It reflects a perfect balance insofar as the natural beauty of this location and all of that which Cape Town has to offer. Plus the accessible urban living environment that Green Point promises.

Green Point Urban Park is regarded as the Central Park of Cape Town and is a tranquil corner of greenery that is literally across the road; with the beach merely a brisk walk away. This penthouse offers stunning vistas from a very comfortable and personal location of total privacy and overt luxury. They are consummate assets that make this a unique location.

Within are state-of-the-art modern finishes and expertly curated interior spaces. Views from the private rooftop deck and entertainment area span verdant gardens, the ever-changing ocean and radiant sunsets. It’s an appealing mélange of unparalleled beauty and natural grandeur offering a bird’s eye view of a very beautiful city. The Atlantic Seaboard never fails to buoy the spirits, with the glistening Atlantic Ocean to one side and the rock-strewn slopes of Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles on the other. There are generous measures of splendour in this setting.

For the full article see Habitat #253 May / June 2016