location: Waterfall Equestrian Estate, Midrand, Gauteng | architecture: Theo Coetzee FEEU Architects | interior design: Schanè Anderson, Olàlà! Interiors | photography: Grant Pitcher

This home is a testament to good old family values and the pursuit of excellence. The union of family was paramount when considering the design and function of key spaces. The look was further motivated by the client’s appreciation of decoration, which includes fabrics, wall claddings and iconic pieces.

Says the designer: ‘Having worked with these clients previously, I had a very good idea as to what their expectations and preferences were and to deliver this I invested a good deal of time on research, and in the development of the interior design concept. The brief was for a customised, luxurious yet comfortable solution – one in which the whole family could live harmoniously.’

The formal reception area is composed and graceful and is separated from the dominant spiral staircase by a timber screen. The staircase was designed and evaluated by the client, an engineer by profession, and its construction is inspirational. Says interior designer Schanè Anderson: ‘If I had to choose the most suitable word to describe a spiral staircase it would be ‘caracol’ (or ‘caracole’), an 18th century architectural term for spiral or helical stairs. I like the quote of contemporary Turkish playwright, novelist and thinker Mehmet Muratildan: ‘Stairs are wonderful friends; they rise with us and they fall with us!

In the dining space there is something of a fairy-tale setting. Nine Heracleum Pendants, designed by Bertjan Pot, are mindfully scattered throughout the generous double volume area – their white lenses illuminating from organically designed branches. Velvet tub chairs with brass bangles surround the imposing solid walnut dining table top, anchored by an equally solid brass base. It was custom manufactured ‘to hearten and foster many happy family dining events,’ says the designer. She adds: ‘We made a few prototypes before we got it exactly right, we involve a lot of time and effort in our R&D.’

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