Duravit’s high-quality and flexible mirror and mirror cabinet solutions offer maximum design freedom for any bathroom. Mirrors are available in widths of 292 mm to 2000 mm, and mirror cabinets in widths of 450 mm to 1200 mm. The assortment includes models that blend with the various design series and a comprehensive, less design-specific universal mirror range. Different lighting and equipment variants provide ample scope for tailor-made scenarios. Design, quality, functionality and comfort form a perfect synthesis. A development team consisting of technicians and carpenters works tirelessly on optimizing factors including the illumination, glare-free qualities, light colour, user-friendliness and operation.

Ease of operation and lighting

Two convenient operating systems are available: sensor switches, or the more sophisticated icon technology with an operating panel for the main light, ambient lighting and mirror heating on the mirror surface.

Duravit focuses on providing the best possible lighting for the washing area. State-of-the-art technology uses computer simulation to calculate the light extraction precisely. Specially selected LEDs are used with a guaranteed service life of at least 30 years* and consistently high luminous efficiency. The spacing of the individual LEDs on the circuit boards is individually defined and specially manufactured for each product and model. Mirror solutions with a light band in the mirror’s surface, such as XViu, Happy D.2 Plus, Luv, Vero Air, DuraStyle or the universal light & mirror range, feature a reflector that deflects the light sources. This specially constructed light deflection guarantees glare-free lighting on all models. As a rule, individual light sources are not visible, the light is homogeneous, has optimum brightness of at least 300 lux in the field of vision, as well as high colour fidelity for natural colour rendering of skin tones. The light colour is 3500 or 4000 Kelvin depending on the model.

The LED point lighting on the models with a light canopy (e.g. X-Large, Happy D.2) is distributed evenly, homogeneously and glare-free over the area of the light canopy.

As well as the direct mirror lighting on the upper or side edges of the mirror, additional ambient lighting is available for premium models, providing pleasant, indirect lighting angled up and/or down. In addition to the emotional impact, indirect light also ensures greater brightness in the field of vision thanks to the ceiling deflection.

An innovation in the field of mirror lighting is the stepless adjustment of the light colour. This enables convenient adjustment of the lighting mood from warm candlelight through to cool cosmetic light (2700 to 6500 Kelvin), which can be stored and recalled via a memory function. The mirrors in the XViu and XSquare ranges feature this function as a standard for direct and indirect lighting, they are automatically configured to run in sync. All functions can be easily operated using just three icons.

Mirror heating for a clear view

Mirror heating greatly enhances everyday comfort by ensuring that the mirror surface does not mist up. XViu, XSquare, Luv and the “best” models of the universal light & mirror range are fitted with mirror heating as standard. This function can also be ordered as an additional option for many mirror models. On XViu, Luv and XSquare, the heating is switched on and off using an icon on the operating panel. On the other models, it is connected to the light. The integrated “auto-off” function switches it off after an hour.

Mirror cabinets and storage

One of the key benefits of a mirror cabinet is the storage space for a perfectly organized washing area. Dual-sided mirrored doors, a mirrored rear wall, glass shelves, socket unit, a practical magnetic strip for small metal items or optional storage boxes all contribute to everyday comfort. For those who find the protruding carcass too dominant, a built-in variant can be selected for a more elegant overall design. The XViu mirror cabinet, with full mirroring on its sides, blends perfectly into the bathroom setting. Featuring icon control on the mirror’s surface for the first time, the high-end model is also equipped with ambient light and coloured light switching function.

Quality and safety

Duravit places great importance on the highest possible quality when selecting the materials to use: suppliers of fittings or lighting are carefully chosen and longstanding partners. In terms of energy consumption, all Duravit mirror and mirror cabinet models fall within categories A++ to A.

The development process entails comprehensive tests in a climatic chamber to ensure that the materials are also capable of withstanding extreme conditions (e.g. high temperatures, high humidity, right up to direct spraying with water).

In addition, every mirror or mirror cabinet model is subjected to a 100% quality inspection of functionality, workmanship, surfaces and safety. This includes a safety catch, and tests in accordance with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), IP44 (splash-proof protection) and the stringent product-safety requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

As with all Duravit bathroom furniture, it is easy to install. Thanks to special hinges, the mirror cabinets can also be adjusted in three dimensions without having to remove them from the wall.

* Service life = 30000 hours; the service life is approx. 30 years assuming daily use of 2.5 hours

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