Miele appliances have always stood for quality and the new-to-market CulinArt oven is no exception. We speak to Mercia de Jager about what makes the CulinArt oven such a great choice for chefs, foodies and amateur cooks alike.

The Miele CulinArt oven is designed to be simple to use, delivering perfect results every time. Professional chefs have been using moisture to cook for a long time and now the CulinArt oven from Miele brings this success into the reach of the amateur cook as well.

Says Mercia de Jager from leading appliance manufacturer, Miele: “Moisture is a buzz word amongst professional and culinary enthusiasts at home. It means cooking with the support of added moisture, producing delectable results when baking and roasting. Miele’s newly launched CulinArt oven offers a built-in feature called Moisture Plus, which makes cooking with moisture a synch.”

Moisture Plus

Each type of food has its own specific properties. Knowing them and making the most of them is the true art of cooking. Increasing the humidity in the oven optimises cooking of a variety of foods: soft and delicious smelling bread with a shiny, appetising crust; bread rolls and croissants as if they were from the local baker; succulent, tender meat with a nicely browned crust, perfect oven bakes and delicious soufflés.

In the past, the baker held the monopoly on baking perfect bread and rolls. However, with Moisture Plus – exclusive to Miele – now you can too. Mercia explains: “With Moisture Plus, dough rises to perfection when exposed to moisture and, towards the end of the process, higher levels of humidity lend bread and rolls a crisp, glossy crust. During roasting, adding moisture at the beginning of the cycle ensures that fat is released and that the roast later becomes beautifully crisp and succulent.”

Moisture steam works by dispensing 1, 2 or 3 bursts of steam during the cooking cycle. The bursts of steam in Moisture plus mode can be entered manually, programmed for greater convenience, and it is also used in various automatic programmes.

Other notable features

However, it is not just the MoisturePlus functionality that makes the Miele CulinArt oven so desirable, it offers a number of other groundbreaking features as well, including:

  • Automatic programmes: With electronically regulated programmes for over 100 different foods you can cook poultry, meat and fish, and bake cakes and breads to perfection every time. No need to select the operating mode, temperature or cooking duration. Even the degree of cooking and browning of meat can be defined to taste.

  • Efficiency and sustainability: The Miele CulinArt oven has an A+ energy efficiency rating, which ensures that you conserve energy, save money on your utility bills, and it is a better option for the environment. Also, like all Miele appliances, it is designed, tested and manufactured to last for 20 years, which further reduces its overall carbon footprint.


Cleaning with ease

 With Miele ovens, the food is guaranteed to be simply delicious. However, what about the cleaning? In this regard, Mercia notes that Miele offers two different systems which make cleaning extremely simple: PerfectClean and pyrolytic cleaning:

  • PerfectClean finish: Cleaning made easy – many components in your Miele oven, such as oven interior, baking trays, and so on, feature a patented surface finish with unique non- stick properties called PerfectClean. Persistent soiling is easily and quickly removed from this finish using water with a dash of washing-up liquid and a sponge.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning: Pyrolytic cleaning is an automatic process in which residue in the oven is incinerated to ash at a very high temperature. The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature turns all food remains into ash, which can be easily removed from oven surfaces with a wipe of a cloth. With Pyrofit accessories, such as side runners, racks and FlexiClip fully telescopic runners for example, all come out beautifully clean after every pyrolytic cleaning process. During the pyrolytic cleaning process, Pyrofit accessories can remain inside the oven to be cleaned at the same time as the oven cavity.

CulinArt special offer

As part of the launch special, running until mid-2019, when you purchase a Miele CulinArt oven, you will be given the following added accessories to the value of R4000 free:

  • A perforated baking tray: The PerfectClean perforated baking tray from Miele has small perforations for optimum heat distribution and for even cooking on all sides – ideal for achieving professional results when baking bread, rolls or cakes made with yeast.
  • A pair of flexi clip runners: Exclusive to Miele, fully telescopic runners allow baking trays, universal trays, racks as well as Miele Gourmet oven dishes to be safely pulled out of the oven. This allows you to baste or turn a roast outside the hot oven without the risk of getting burned. They can be used on all shelf levels.
  • A Voucher inside the Oven – Which you can redeem online for a Miele medium hub dish: Comprising a deep-sided oven dish with a capacity of 5 litres, manufactured from high quality cast aluminium, which sits on runners and racks within the Miele oven. It can also be used on conventional ceramic hobs as well.

The Miele CulinArt oven retails for R29 999,00. To find a stockist closest to you or to shop online, visit www.miele.co.za.


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