With its Generation 7000, Miele is renewing its entire product range of built-in kitchen appliances – from ovens and hob units, through to steam ovens, coffee machines and dishwashers. With its Generation 7000, Miele is introducing nearly 3 000 model versions worldwide –this new range will be available in South Africa in Spring 2019.

Says Miele’s Liam Gawne: “Aesthetically, Generation 7000, with its three new design lines, offers inspiration for virtually every interior design style. A further benefit is the ease with which the new Miele appliances help their users to attain culinary excellence. There are also smart assistants onboard, including the likes of a camera in the oven, or a system to prevent roasts from becoming too dry. Several machines even pre-empt the user’s next actions.”

Four different design lines

The Generation 7000 range comprises four different design lines, including the PureLine, VitroLine and ArtLine:

  • PureLine offers a modern, contemporary appeal, with its solid handle, low-key stainless-steel trim and a glass front in Obsidian Black.
  • VitroLine underlines its reserved and integrating style, with a handle in the same colour as the appliance. This line is available in Graphite Grey and Obsidian Black.
  • ArtLine, with its minimalistic approach, dispenses with a classical door handle altogether, also available in Graphite Grey and Obsidian Black.

Smooth processes leave greater room for creativity

Once the question of design has been addressed, machines within one and the same design line can be combined virtually at will. This is because all appliances appear to come from the same mould. This also applies to use and handling, says Liam: “Generation 7000 appliances guide our customers through the cooking process. Operating steps are intuitive, and processes are smooth and natural. This new ease of handling leaves greater room for creativity. Important controls and displays are located in precisely the same position across the range, making for a common cross-category approach to machine operation. Or, in other words, a person familiar with a wall oven will approach a combination steam oven or a coffee machine for example, with the same familiarity from the outset.”

The intuitive handling is further supported by Miele with MotionReact, another cross-product feature, Liam explains: “When required, Miele appliances are able to pre-empt the user’s next moves and automatically switch on when the user approaches, activating the oven lighting or deactivating the ringtone at the end of a programme.”

TasteControl: a hot contender prevents over-cooking

When things hot up, TasteControl, a world first, steps in. On ovens, this function prevents food from overcooking by bringing the temperature in the oven interior down fast at the end of a programme. Cooking processes end precisely on time, reliably preventing food from continuing to cook in the oven’s residual heat, which would cause the food to relinquish its moisture.

The eye of the oven: Connectivity sends photographs to a smartphone

In pursuit of the best possible results, an in-oven camera provides valuable support to the user. And, for the first time, this feature is even available on pyrolytic self-cleaning models in which the camera is subject to intense heat. The heat-protected, built-in camera transmits images in HD quality to a tablet, PC or smartphone. From the convenience of a mobile device, adjustments can then easily be made to the temperature and cooking time.

A pre-requisite for the use of the camera is an Internet connection. Most appliances from all Generation 7000 categories already have a Wi-Fi module on board, which, when connected to the Miele@mobile app, enables a whole host of new and additional convenience functions. The new Generation 7000 dishwashers with AutoDos and PowerDisk go about their work independently, once starting times have been programmed in. A connected appliance can naturally be started or stopped from a tablet, PC or smartphone.

Easy updates: ensuring up-to-date installations

Another new feature is the RemoteService function with which software updates can be downloaded to an appliance for installation with great ease. Previously, this required a service call-out. This is interesting, for example, for new applications or services which may only be introduced two or three years down the line.

The launch of the new generation covers all ovens and induction hob units from Miele. These are joined by all dishwashers, steam ovens, microwaves, combination units, coffee machines, warmer drawers, and a vacuum-sealing drawer. “With nearly 3 000 new model versions worldwide, spanning 15 product groups and 10 Miele production plants involved, this amounts to the biggest product launch in the history of our company. Generation 7000 excels with fascinating innovations that make cooking simpler, more convenient and safer – only available from Miele. Moreover, the machines blend in perfectly in all kitchen styles and environments,” concludes Liam.

The Miele Generation 7000 range of built-in appliances will be available on South African shores in Spring 2019.

visit: www.miele.co.za

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