Feelings in colour? To know truth is to feel it. And the same applies to original creations. Michaela Rinaldi expresses mood directly from her gut onto canvas. Her craft is her voice. What is seen in this artist’s work is the journey and flavour of the human psyche.

Yes, there is the initial invitation of ardent colour, which may open eyes in appreciation. But soon after this, the focus deepens beyond the two-dimensional and into the essence of abandonment, isolation, dependencies and patterns that all humans experience. Each painting grows. It transfixes within its layers, connecting to those of the appraiser.

It is obvious that Michaela Rinaldi does not copy images or photographs. One arm is shorter than the other to portray a lack, or loss, or discomfort. Lines are intruded to deliberate imperfection or the breaking of boundaries. What meets the senses stirs the soul. Bold reality with intrigue: not merely a pretty piece.

This artist has always been sensitive to line and form, plus definition. As a child she realised that art was her gift to hone. However, it has only been since 2011 – with her three sons maturing – that passion and confidence have merged to engender her more recent renown.

The uniqueness of Michaela Rinaldi’s work is sought after by collectors and is extending its worth within the South African market. Unsurprisingly, her colourist contemporary style is growing in demand internationally and will surely result in her appearing in the galleries of a number of capital cities.

One might think that inspiration abounds from the artist’s expansive outlook: Kommetjie sand, sea and mountains. But although nature aids in her spontaneity, Ms Rinaldi’s art is Abstract Figurative. Emphasis is on hues and movement; she uses acrylic, charcoal, ink, and gold leaf to determine the desired result.

Michaela Rinaldi is currently exhibiting at Rise Art, London; Hout Bay Gallery; State of the Art; O.D.A., Franschhoek; The Gallery, Riebeek Kasteel and the Opulent Living Concept Store in Cape Town.

Visit: www.michaelarinaldi.com | facebook.com/michaelarinaldiartist/ | Instagram: michaelarinaldi | email: michaela@cybersmart.co.za