Zeller & Moye was founded by Christoph Zeller and Ingrid Moye as an architectural studio that operates with an interdisciplinary and global approach, with bases in Mexico City and Berlin. The studio established a unique working method of extensive experimentation for the development of a project. Zeller & Moye has designed a wide range of projects at all scales from furniture design to large cultural buildings in different parts of the world.

Archivo, an exhibition and cultural space in Mexico City, will reach completion in 2016. Set in a verdant landscape, Archivo presents a glazed central column over several asymmetrically aligned platforms, which form large terraces linked by open staircases. Archivo is a vast collection of design items that will be displayed in glazed galleries; a curatorial gesture that is in clear opposition to the traditional walled exhibition space.

House Troquer, also to be completed in 2016, is a re-purposed dwelling, which has been transformed into a fashion house and photo studio incorporating a head office. The subdued matt black exterior opens to an interior with a custom-made gold anodised metal rack that links the various spaces. The rack serves as part sculpture, part functional highlight of the space.

Recently unveiled is a public artwork titled Hollow, installed at the university of Bristol on which Zeller & Moye collaborated with Katie Paterson. Spanning millions of years, Hollow is a miniature forest – of all the world’s forests – telling the history of the planet through the immensity of tree specimens in microcosm.