Desert Flower is the result of the last Déjate Querer collaboration, this time with well-known Mexican designer, Emiliano Godoy.

Emiliano Godoy sought out the Déjate Querer team as they share the same interest for assemblies. They worked together for six months to produce this mesmerising piece, a rug or a wall panel that pays tribute to plants in an arid and rugged backdrop bloom. Desert Flower celebrates fertility and abundance brought by the desert rain. As those ecosystems in which all species of plants and animals are invisibly connected, this rug uses each piece as form and structure, where flowers and leaves are armed to assemble the entire landscape.

Nebulae: Presented last year at New York Design Week, the Nebulae rug is inspired by the perfect yet chaotic ways of the universe. This hexagonal shape based rug allows us to enter a fantastic black hole.