Meet the new Solutions Product Range – where the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group continues to marry cutting edge ergonomic principles with utterly arresting designs.

The working world is changing at a rapid rate and in order to meet the unique challenges that dynamic workplaces demand, one needs spatial design that thinks and acts quickly. Spaces that are as smart as the innovators who operate in them. The new Solutions Product Range by global workplace design leaders Dauphin HumanDesign® Group offers an unparalleled level of design pedigree with impeccable ergonomic and performance principles. It’s workplace design and furniture solutions like you’ve never seen.

“The Solutions Product Range consists of a family of seating, storage and workspace offerings that function as striking stand alone but together are a magnificent force to reckon with,” says Cherine Leishman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Dauphin HumanDesign® Group.


Infinitely reliable and readily adjustable, the Stilo collection of customisable chairs and seating solutions is characterised by its contemporary appeal and durability. Thanks to their trademark Syncro Smart-Automatic and Syncro Smart-Design technology, these chairs are ideal for highly populated environments, hot desk scenarios and flexible work zones. As with all offerings in the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group stable, comfort is key, and when combined with its timeless good looks and options to customise with specific fabrics and finishes, it ensures that the Stilo collection of chairs are set to be workplace classics.


The simplicity of building blocks is reflected in the infinite possibilities reflected in the Bosse range of modular seating and workspace offerings. Streamlined, intelligent components form the basis of the Bosse offering – and whether you choose seating, working, meeting, storage, pause area or reception scenarios, one thing is guaranteed – it’s all about customising according to a working environment’s specific needs. From edgy, open plan environments to pod-based think tanks and cleverly conceived spaces for dialogue and problem solving, there is no end to the options possible with Bosse’s range of clever, fit-together offerings.

Aside from the design pedigree of each and every component, the detailing that makes this range such a standout success is remarkable. From their trademarked soundproof Acoustic Lightboard that reduces workplace noise to cutting edge fabric and surfacing choices, considerations for integrated lighting and technology and an unsurpassed focus on workplace organisation, it’s no surprise that some of the leading multinational companies in the world turn to Bosse for their workspace design. Designed in Europe and produced in South Africa, Bosse is a brand that is flying for all the right reasons


This elegant executive seating solution offering by Zuco for Dauphin is set to turn heads. The slender backrest reflects the natural curve of the spine – offering remarkable comfort in a choice of low, medium or high backrests that work with intuitive Syncro-motion X technology, while this new chair’s design pedigree is reflected in the hand-stitched leather or fabric seat and back combined with gleaming aluminium hardware components. “The Signo chair is a showcase of Dauphin’s commitment to time-honoured craftsmanship and modern workplace needs,’ says Leishman.


The Bonito range by Zuco for Dauphin, is a collection of handmade wooden-shell chairs in oak or walnut – and a showcase of this renowned workplace brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and integrity. The clean lines of this classic are combined with supreme comfort and thanks to the variety of colours (over 230), fabrics (14), wood finishes (2) and types of leather (3) to choose from, this is a bespoke solution any boardroom or breakaway area, would be proud to be dressed in.


With a name that means ‘flower’ in Italian and a form inspired by the elegant swoop of a petal, the Fiore chair is a fabulous looking and functional solution for office, learning and social scenarios. A flexible all-rounder, the Fiore chair is available in multiple variations – from cutting edge polypropylene in a slew of colours to classic beech and a choice of swivel or fixed frames. Many of the variations are stackable, making it a no-brainer for educational institutions and workspaces.

Nowadays, happy and healthy employees are any company’s most valuable asset and nobody knows this better than the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group. This visionary company has always based their designs on the principles of high performance and productivity without ever compromising on comfort or beauty. “The Solutions Product Range is without a doubt a happy marriage of form and function. But more importantly, it’s an essential suite of solutions for ever-changing 21st-century workplace scenarios,” says Leishman.

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