location: Oranjezicht, Cape Town | architecture: circa 1904 | interior design: clients and Poltrona Frau Contract | photography: Anthony Peyper

This historical residence was built in 1904 and used as a guesthouse before being reconverted into a family home. The clients were involved with this redesign process, assisted by Poltrona Frau Contract. What resulted is a synergy of creative talent that extended the goals of both.

Says Poltrona Frau’s George Georgio: ‘The creation of this contemporary luxury home from a heritage building exceeded expectations. The result is not as traditional as might have been expected, but it truly redefines classical elegance with the use of early 20th and 21st century design pieces from Poltrona Frau. The owner believes that every home has to tell a story, so he brought colour and form together to create an environment in which the family loves to live, and which people enjoy visiting.

‘The brief was complex: to present a contemporary signature and yet retain the ambiance and appeal of a structure more than 100 years old; to dress it for the current century and the next with archetypal, timeless pieces. Managing to create a bridge from 1904 through 2016 and beyond proved to be a joyful experience without any problems in its execution. What we did bear in mind was that the quality of our residential habitat has a direct influence on the quality of our lives; luxury is both important and appealing, it fills minds with dreams and hearts with appreciation.’

The atrium became the real statement area here with a carpet representing ancient Sumerian civilisation and the navy blue buttoned leather sofa, Chester One. Above the fireplace, the artwork by Ryan Hewett depicts a human form evolving into higher frequencies and dimensions.

Art is very much part of the eclectic signature. In the dining area, the colour palette in the geometric painting by Andrzej Urbanski forms a unifying harmony with comfortable leather Ginger Ale chairs. Says George Giorgio: ‘We used the Pelle Frau® collection with 260 shades of leather, which allowed us to coordinate the colours together, picking up a shade from the rug and placing the correct piece of seating and the right art together. In this project, Poltrona Frau turned what was originally intended into an eclectic mix of style, colour and texture. It’s a symphony of art, furniture and fabrics – all illuminated by Artemide lighting.’

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