Autumn. That golden season that’s had poets and songwriters wax lyrical for centuries. It’s a time when our world goes warm and toasty and summer brights make way for reds and amber and orange hues. It’s a time when it seems almost as if nature is holding its breath, waiting peacefully for whatever comes next.

As do we. We start thinking about getting our homes comfortable and warm before the chill of winter sets in. We start spending more time indoors as our days end just a little bit sooner.

And it’s in autumn, especially, that the many benefits of shutters from Plantation Shutters® are underscored. Because they not only offer you privacy and security, they also welcome in the sunshine and then, as the evening turns chilly, keep the warmth from escaping again. They also offer great thermal insulation keeping the warm air inside when the outdoor temperature drops.

Plantation Shutters specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of superior quality, custom-designed Timber, Aluminium and Security Plantation Shutters that give insulation from the cold by adding an extra layer of warmth and protection from the elements during the colder months. Mind you, they do the same in summer when they minimise the need for expensive air-conditioning, while adding visual appeal and beauty to your home. And, should you live in an area that gets really windy, rest assured the shutters are rigid and won’t rattle in the breeze, while still allowing light and air to flow freely when you choose to open them.

Offering an unparalleled lead time of 21 working days, with a five-year guarantee on the timber shutters and 10 and 12 years on the aluminium and security shutters, Plantation Shutters know exactly how to keep you warm and cosy in the cold months, and cool and refreshed when it’s hot outside.

So, why not add something special to your home this autumn and make the most of this golden time?



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