The Casilda Collection, from architect and designer Ramón Esteve, is based on the idea of a deconstruction of classical furniture that maintains a contemporary elegance. The plain graphic lines of the frames are a canvas for the special elements that give it its distinct identity, such as the straps of the seats or the encrustations of marble or wood on the tables and the armrests. All the structural elements that are usually in hidden upholstered furniture are exposed, thus giving the pieces a subtle industrial character. This idea contrasts with the treatment of the materials: what seemed rough becomes delicate when a golden or bronze finish is applied on the frame.

For the seats, the strict geometry of the metal frame, as well as the stress of the textile straps, contrast with soft large-sized pillows that ensure a pleasant and comfortable position. The Casilda Collection is made up of several pieces: modular sofa, lounger, chairs, armchairs, tables and side tables.



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