‘The inspiration? As always, the idea is the result of small short-circuits in my mind. . . a cross between memories of travelling in the middle of the ocean in Greenland, a bit of Böcklin’s The Island of the Living and lots of other little things. . .’ – Patricia Urquiola.

This year Patricia Urquiola wanted to explore another side of her portfolio with Cassina. The study conducted by the Cassina Research & Development Centre to create Floe Insel focussed in particular on the comfort of its padding without sacrificing the asymmetrical shapes of its design. The result is a sofa with a system of flexible and comfortable seats.

The structure comprises different geometric shapes positioned at various angles, evoking the idea of irregular masses of ice. The shape of the sofa is emphasised by detailed diagonal stitching that follows and highlights its many sides, bringing movement to its form. This stitching is skilful and strongly emphasises the union of the non-orthogonal shapes of each element. Floe Insel is like a soft island, evoking a desire to discover each side by wandering around it, thanks to its strong visual movement. Its shape floats in any setting: from the centre of the interior it can move and meet new elements, creating archipelagos of relaxation.

The Beam Sofa System designed by Patricia Urquiola, and part of the Cassina Contemporanei Collection since 2016, now evolves into a more welcoming version offering a further level of comfort. The distinctive base of the model ‘lifts’ cushions that have been made deeper and thicker with a softer padding. The stitching around the edge of the cushions has been embellished with an aestheic gathered seam. Elegant movements of folds are created through precise distribution of the upholstery during the stitching phase.

visit: patriciaurquiola.com | cassina.com


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