location: Hartebeespoort Dam, North West Province | architect: Ben Burger Architects (BBA) | interior design: Brian Leib Interiors | images: Quintin Mills – www.millsphotography.co.za

Bordered by the Magaliesberg mountains, the estate is situated on the banks of Hartebeespoort Dam, a 195,000,000 cubic metre reservoir built along the Crocodile River in 1945. The name means ‘pass of the Hartbees’ (an antelope in Afrikaans). The dam environs span a vast area frequented by weekend leisure seekers from both Pretoria and Johannesburg; and by fortunate permanent residents.

Although specific requirements were set at K’Shane, as to the appearance and architectural profiles of the exterior structures and landscaping, interiors reveal personal preferences. The owners of this particular home took great care in the selection of their interior design, believing that it should reveal their energy and reflect their emotional living within functional spaces. The results are seen in free-flowing and yet clearly defined areas that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are usable. The brief was to impart this overall signature with a subtle Balinese feel; but above all the 1 200 square metre space needed to be a home.

Says interior designer Brian Leib: ‘The clients took a leap of blind faith. I convinced them to accept a more colourful interior palette than had been originally envisioned.’ In addition, the project – already in its third year – was to be subjected to the designer’s inspiration in the form of key structural changes.

For the full article see Habitat #253 May / June 2016