Are you comfortable where you are at the moment, or are you home

Your happiness is tremendously influenced by the lifestyle you choose and it should be well considered. To live the life you aspire to, surrounded by like-minded people, The Eye of Africa Golf & Residential Estate has reinvented the art of community, enabling you to live an independent lifestyle within a safe and enriching environment.



‘The best and most beautiful things must be felt with the heart’ (yes, Helen Keller, for sure). But habitat also trusts that some of the best and most beautiful things need to be seen and touched first, to – you know – know the feeling in the heart is based on reality.

And at The Eye of Africa, the best and the most beautiful thing is a reality.

The key lies in not spending time, but in investing it. So, it’s wise to invest time in something that has value and importance for us.

Does the place you live in mean something to you?

habitat believes that investing time in exploring different lifestyle possibilities is a vital tool for personal development and self-care.

Before making a decision, it’s worth spending the day at one of their beautiful restaurants so you can get a feel for what living there might be like.




Other residential options that inner city or suburban development estate portfolios showcase simply don’t compare to the quality of life and level of connection that The Eye stimulates within its secure oasis.

This estate offers four stable lifestyle communities within stunning, secure environments.



And. . . because you deserve a home you love –there are superb agents to help you find it.

With these four luxury lifestyle communities to choose from, homeowners are flocking to the estate in search of a high-quality life. Purchasing an apartment, cluster, large home or building one on a private stand to your own specs and savoir-faire are all wise investments you will never regret.




A change in your current circumstances may be less daunting and more rewarding than you might realise. Whether you avidly play golf or simply enjoy taking in the well-kempt views of the course and accompanying amenities (incl. tennis + basketball courts and gym, as well as biking + hiking trails), imagine a typical time “at home” filled with:

  • Views, views, views!
  • Each day is a peaceful one
  • Emphasis on health and wellness & a wealth of amenities at your fingertips
  • Tight-knit community & a wonderful sense of camaraderie
  • Private events & access to the premier golf course
  • More space & proximity to nature
  • Cleaner air & less noise
  • Increased safety
  • Lower stress
  • Higher returns
  • Homes of exceptional quality



Many South Africans are making the big move to the country, as city and suburban life is getting increasingly costly, loud and stress-inducing. There are so many reasons, now more than ever, to move out of the inner cities.

Distance means so little when freedom, comfort and peace mean so much. To own a home a little off the beaten path is a coveted luxury. Protection and safety are common place at The Eye, where residents are offered an investment not only in real estate, but in lifestyle.

Long-term modern countryside residents often find they thrive when they have a world of leisure and entertainment choices right on their doorstep, while city people could gain a lot from a slower pace of life, focusing less on consumption and more on the natural environment and their well-being.

Imagine hectares of unspoiled land that are dotted with trails and varied terrain. There is something for everyone at The Eye, whether for young families or retired adults, now is the time for you to experience all the perks of living in a highly coveted community and the abundance of recreational activities in the great outdoors.




Dream homes are often chosen with the location being the number one factor. It comes as no surprise that life in a private golf estate community can truly transform your life and is therefore one of the most sought-after places people choose to live.

The designers of this development have done everything possible to merge classic architectural sophistication with the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. Without doubt one of the best of its kind in South Africa.

The sense of community reflects the sought-after estate living status, the super inclusive twist here is that it’s a status that’s affordable to not just one single sector.

habitat proudly waves this development’s flag. Especially for the ways it promotes diversity and commits to sustaining an inclusive culture. This development subtly champions inclusivity and honours differences and diversity. Several different flowers make a bouquet. Even if you don’t get the extended patios with private swimming pool garages, The Eye ensures you will love the facilities these communities offer. Think an elite-feel of the neighbourhoods, the gorgeous parks and public pool, and the right number of rooms.

Other regular housing complexes belonging to regular gated estates in regular highly-developed suburbs or urban areas don’t provide this sense of exclusivity for this price tag. Any measure of time at The Eye won’t be long enough. I think you’ll find that it’s best to start with forever. The vast offerings make it easy to check all of the boxes on your wish list.

Whether it’s the scenic golf course that allows the beauty of the surrounding landscape to shine, or the restaurants or homes that frame the views, there’s beauty everywhere you look.


If you’re curious to explore this landscape where these lifestyles are available and impatient to cure your loneliness, and at the same time provide peace of mind, then there’s only one thing left to do – choose the luxury community that best matches your lifestyle and then, find the home of your dreams.

Do yourself a favour and visit for a meal OR arrange a viewing with the estate’s agents to get a taste of how blissful your life going forward can be.


Are you ready to experience it?