So often aesthetics come at the cost of performance or practicality, and in architectural and interior design it’s hard to find products that tick the boxes of both looking good and long-lasting. The Kyoto wallcovering from Lemon is such a product. High-performance in terms of its engineering, it’s also high-design – the very holy grail of wallcovering attributes. Additionally, a neutral but textured and elevated aesthetic lends it well to endless combinations with flooring and furniture, allowing you to reimagine your spaces by considering the interaction between all dimensions and surfaces.

This innovative range has a tactile, even delicate look – almost textile-like – which belies a tough and easy to clean nature. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas – offices, hotels, restaurants – where hardwearing is a nonnegotiable quality, Kyoto also imparts an understated sophistication via the subtle woven texture and low-key but elegant tones. As indicated by its Zen-inspired name, Kyoto is informed by an understated approach to design, where luxury is low-key rather than ostentatious and introduced through tones and textures – entirely in line with Lemon’s brand ethos of creating products that contribute to timelessly beautiful and enduring spaces. With its versatility extending to the range of colourways, it comes in – it’s available in seven different shades – it’s incredibly user-friendly and easy to integrate with almost any type of space, from an elegant luxury hotel lobby to a no-nonsense high-paced office HQ.

Aside from its visual and practical strengths, Kyoto also comes with environmental benefits, making it a responsible product choice to use on a large scale or for multiple spaces and projects. A LEED contributing product (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), it’s also 100% recyclable, A+ certified, Phthalate-free and REACH compliant (a European Union regulation that restricts the levels of chemical substances in imported products).

Lemon is a South African product and graphic design studio. Initially founded by brothers Kevin and Ricky Frankental in 2007 to fill a much-needed niche in custom print products and artworks, the company has expanded to include a growing repertoire of furniture, accessories and objects.

Drawing on its strong team of creatives (from illustrators to artists, photographers and designers) and suppliers, Lemon consistently drives innovative design through experimentation. A firm commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and execution sees these concepts to fruition, with the result a range of designs that speak to a discerning design lover with an appreciation for an elevated and internationally inspired aesthetic. This serves to position Lemon as an aspirational and yet accessible furniture and design brand.

Operating out of its Johannesburg headquarters in Kramerville, which houses its design, customer service, manufacturing and installation departments, Lemon also has a showroom in Cape Town.


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