Every step of each project has its personal touch, unique. Each creation is in its essence singular, where patterns and colours may be the same, but the feeling they exude is just one. And creating feelings and unique experiences is most likely to be paramount for each project. From the first sparkle in the imagination to the will of creating a space to its final moments of realization, creating a play with textures, colours, and fabrics, until the last second where the thin line of dust is blown away from the cold marble top. All of this process requires a level of commitment and dedication, but mostly experience.

For this reason, Maison Albar Hotels, the worldwide known luxury hotels chain, has chosen Epoca – Home, Palace & Hotel Concept, which has been proving itself as a reference in creating spaces that are not only eye-catching, but they also speak to the heart, for the production of its interiors. With a very Portuguese soul, the company was born in consequence of the evolution of a family company of handmade furniture, founded in 1947.

The recent Le Monumental Palace Porto from Maison Albar Hotels is historically luxurious and is located in one of the best areas of the city. This hotel in the heart of Porto, the eldest and most famous café of the city since 1930, the Monumental Café, has currently become the predilect hotel for a luxury stay in Porto. Between the 63 bedrooms and 13 suites of a spacious intimacy, it’s refined and opponent location, offering excellency services like the Nuxe Spa or an incredible sensorial journey with a Michelin star chef cuisine.

Located just a few minutes by walk from the monuments and reference spots of Porto, this hotel has chosen the company that best represents the reconstruction and refurbishing of such a historically rich and complex. Epoca, besides sharing some similar characteristics to the building, it also has the perfect characteristics to raise the bar and transform the facade and historical buildings into a new one that will surely make history.

In each one of the rooms and suites, an elegant 30’s inspired decoration which guarantees a cosy and refined stay and still paying homage and respect to the history of the building. With clear and defined lines in both the design of the upholstery and illumination, but also in the design and architecture of the bedrooms. Although, the use of pastel colours are the elements truly reminiscent of this Epoque, both in the furniture pieces and accessories, their geometric patterns and the play with symmetry.

The paramount of elegance and splendour has as a name: Monumental Suite. Has its name says, the magnificent suite is the ultimate old bourgeois mansion experience: conceived has an apartment with different divisions. Bringing out its grandiose and majestic decor.

The hotel counts with the Superior Bedroom, Audacieuses Suite, Insensée Suite, Excessive Suite, Affolante Suite, and of course the Monumental Suite.

Epoca continues to participate in some of the most renowned hospitality projects both national and international, by applying high-end technology, aesthetics, and functionality to client’s creations and also the market demands. Being part of some of the biggest and more ambitious projects in its sector like the “Hotel ritz Paris”, “Four Seasons” or the “Burgenstock Hotel & Resort”, and now with the Maison Albar in its portfolio with the luxurious Le Monumental Palace.

visit: www.epoca.pt

Image credits: Epoca

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