These new showstopper baths from Kohler are bound to impress.

The simple, clean curves of the Ceric convey a minimal craft shape with ceramic detailing, expressing contemporary warmth and a soft appeal. The linear lines and symmetry are also appealing whilst the sloped lumbar support lets you indulge in a deep relaxing soak.

Veil’s organic, flowing and immaculately balanced curves evoke a sculpted simplicity in tune with contemporary style. This freestanding bath offers a luxuriously deep bathing experience with supportive contours that cocoon your body.

The science bit… Kohler launches these hand-crafted baths from a new solid cast resin material, KOHLER Lithocast®, a gloss cast resin that is lightweight and easy to clean. This technologically advanced material allows for new geometries, textures and designs to emerge. Each bath is carefully shaped from one, solid piece, ensuring structural integrity, and the lightweight material allows for easier transport and on-site installation.



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