Installation techniques and materials bore little resemblance to the tools of the trade back in April 1969, when KBAC started trading as Kevin Bates Flooring from a small shop in the Johannesburg CBD. So, the company became a pioneer in the training of installers and led the way in the establishment of the Flooring Industry Training Association long before artisan training and legislation were even considered.

KBAC Flooring consists of the 50-year-old mother company in Johannesburg and Cape Town’s 38-year-old Albert Carpets. It’s a group led by an enthusiastic new generation who have established sole local distribution rights from some of the most innovative and sustainable flooring producers globally.

KBAC’s residential and commercial flooring giants include: Interface; Bolon; Ege and the Vanguard Collection. KBAC delves deeper into flooring at massive world trade fairs to establish new connections and bring 21st-century flooring to South Africa.


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