Hailed as one of the largest, most luxurious wellness spas in South Africa, J’s Revive Wellness Spa owner and beauty specialist, Leah Livanos left no stone unturned when she set out to create this world-class sanctuary in the city. From the minute you step through the door, the hustle and bustle of city life is left behind, as the wellness spa radiates a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, thanks to a host of personal touches and natural elements (such as walls made from real moss and herbal teas sourced directly from the farm). “Never before have the boundaries of luxury and indulgence been pushed as far as they are here – in this haven,” says Leah.

Five-star facilities

From bespoke manicure and pedicure lounges (complete with wooden, handmade nail trolleys and plush pedicure basins) to calming flotation pools, Rasul chambers, steam rooms, indoor heated pools and Leah’s exclusive concept- a one-of-a-kind decompression lounge where clients can sleep for as long as they like in comfortable recliners after treatments, it’s no wonder this wellness spa has grown leaps and bounds since opening its doors in May 2017.

“Whether a client has booked a 30-minute or three-hour treatment, my wish is that everyone spends as much time as they like enjoying our facilities,” says Leah. “I have clients who spend hours relaxing by the pool, reading a book and ordering smoothies or a healthy lunch and it makes me so happy to see,” she adds. “I didn’t design and build this wellness spa for show, I put my heart and soul into creating a home-away-from-home that people can enjoy and use when they need to escape life’s everyday stresses.”

J’s Revive Wellness Spa also works hard to be the best by empowering, upskilling and developing each team member to feel inspired and passionate about what they do, and as a result, be the market leaders in the spa and beauty industry. “Rather than a top-down approach, I prefer for my team and I to hold hands and move forward together,” says Leah.

The spa is committed to the creation of new industry standards by remaining leaders in innovation and trends in nails, hair, skin, body and aesthetic treatments. PLUS, the wellness spa offers the latest fitness and fat loss technology including the innovative Body Tech system, which works by stimulating the deeper lying muscles in the body with gentle electrical impulses. Just one session is equivalent to five sessions in the gym.

Clients also have the choice of signing up to the exclusive functional training gym, a first-class facility offering private personal training sessions as well as boxing classes for all ages, including kids.

For more information on this fabulous wellness spa or to experience a one-of-a-kind treatment:

visit: www.js-revive.co.za | call: 011 485 0122 | facebook: @jsrevivewellnessspaSA | instagram: js_revive_wellness_spa


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