Warm evenings, late sunsets: signs that summer is here and time for braais and swimming. With all this fun in and around the sunshine, you may be wondering where your heated towel rail fits into the scheme of things. Come rain or shine, there’s a promising chance you’ll enjoy its benefits in the bathroom according to these ideas for which Jeeves has us inspired:

Enjoy a constant supply of moisture absorbing towels at your disposal to dry off quickly and easily without contending with damp towels; no fear of panicking because your child’s jersey isn’t dry in time for school – a heated towel rail provides a perfect solution to emergency laundry drying overnight and have a fresh pair of socks or underwear on hand. The Jeeves built-in thermostat constantly regulates towel rail temperature via an advanced Automatic Heating Technology (AHT benefit is two-fold: optimum operating temperatures and the lowest electricity consumption, achieved without any input from you). Dry towels contribute to overall hygiene, minimising bacteria and mould issues associated with dampness; the running costs of a heated towel rail are less than those of a light bulb, meaning dry towels are cost effective (fresher for longer – helping to save on washing machine costs too). And there is the relief of wrapping wet and cold kids from the pool in the soothing warmth of a dry towel; a towel warmer is aesthetically pleasing and creates an air of luxury in the bathroom.