Since the ‘60s, the world of Pop has had an undeniable influence insofar as all forms of creativity from fashion to interior design. Perhaps the only enduring landmark being denim jeans.

Yet another, still rocking icon is Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger after whom this seating piece is named. The designer / manufacturers maintain that the JAGGER chaise longue is a creation that rises from a dialogue between beauty and comfort and that ideally, it could represent the ‘steadying of attitude after a rock ’n roll concert’.

So, this is a chaise longue that aims to satisfy the body, relax the mind and shatter the mould in terms of ‘conventional routine’. It’s designed to engender a feeling of desire among those that enjoy the experience of sitting, reclining – or just enjoying life and being thankful for the provision of comfort and personal satisfaction – particularly insofar as merely appraising this singular piece.

The feet and back structure are lacquered in a Nero Marquina marble, which provides a smooth, glossy effect and the upholstery fabric is dark red velvet. The manufacturers are introducing JAGGER in three possible co-ordinations,  but it can be customised to individual specifications.



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