The flowerpot is the quintessential furnishing accessory of our homes. An inevitable object that underlines the style of the environment in which it is placed. The vase decorates and embellishes the surrounding space, becoming a real highlight.

On the coffee table near the sofa, in the middle of the dining room table, on the TV cabinet, in the hall but also in the bathroom, the vase can’t be lacking. Moreover, as piece of design it represents a style choice that has to be well integrated with the entire home environment.

The atmosphere lights up and the house becomes more beautiful and welcoming: impossible to give it up. Many different colors, shapes, sizes and materials, in particular glass, which is the most chosen raw material.

Internationally recognized because of the high quality of its glass and the sophisticated and advanced design of its products, IVV proposes some truly original and interesting vases among the 2019 novelties. Small works of art, handcrafted by wise master glassmakers who create organic and unique shapes with their blow.

Following the 2019 trend, the new collections of vases designed by IVV show an eclectic style, that takes inspiration from different worlds: they tell us about a contemporary and dynamic living style, always looking for exclusivity and quality. A universe of shapes, always renewed or reinterpreted, combining tradition and contemporaneity. Clean, linear and almost minimal shapes, more decorative, sinuous and geometric forms: IVV melts together aesthetics and functionality in any of its products.

That’s the meaning of these new proposals: an imaginative, unusual for glass but harmonious fusion of shapes and colors, to emphasize the quality of the collections. Not only functionality, but also richness in identity and uniqueness in style.


text and images: Industria Vetraria Valdarnese

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