Victoria and Albert sanitaryware is of the highest quality that one will find. The Angelica is an average sized freestanding bathtub created from state of the art solid surface material, QUARRYCAST®. Rich in Volcanic Limestone™, its naturally white form combines exquisite proportions with the luxury of being silky smooth and warm to the touch.

The Angelica bath has soft, yet modern look with its slim, tall sides that are scalene in nature. This freestanding bath measures in at 1682 mm in length, by 762 mm wide and 553 mm deep. The Quarrycast® material makes for a brilliant white colour that will not discolour and the finish is smooth gloss.

The interior is unique in that each bath is finished by hand. Ideal for the traditional bathroom or try to combine this classical bath with more modern items for a contemporary look. This bath is made from one mould, with no joins and is therefore extremely strong and will not creak or bend. Easily polish out scratches in the solid surface of this bath. A good volume when filling the bath is between 155 and 251 litres.

In line with Italtile’s LiveGreen ethos, this bath has many eco-friendly qualities, one being that it insulates heat very well and keeps warmer for longer. Another major benefit of this bath is installation flexibility: the ability to drill your overflow and waste holes in the position of choice.

Victoria and Albert baths are manufactured in South Africa with origins in the United Kingdom and it is of no surprise that they come standard with a 25-year warranty against manufacture defects.



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