For 50 years, it’s been Italtile’s passion and extreme pleasure to seek out the extraordinary, from style classics to the world’s freshest design trends and looks; and to curate the most magnificent décor ranges that best express the South African luxe lifestyle and answer the need for sustainable eco-chic.

Small beginnings.

Live beautifully. Two words that say so much about the creation of a better, finer, more fulfilled and abundant life experience: the mission of Giovanni Alberto Mario Ravazzotti, who started a small Italian tile business in Alberton, Johannesburg, in 1969.  That small store has grown into a multi-layered international organisation with multiple companies, distribution and supply chain, manufacturing operations, and 12 showrooms, and has become an on-premise and online shopping style icon that is synonymous with inspirational, beautifully sustainable living.

Italtile Limited.

Italtile Limited comprises three brands – Italtile, CTM and TopT – to service three distinctly different local markets, luxury, budget-conscious and entry-level. The organisation also owns and manages a strong supply chain and several manufacturing operations: including Ezee Tile (grout and adhesives), and Ceramic Industries – being a portmanteau of five local porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturers (Gryphon, Vitro, Pegasus, Samca Wall and Samca Floor), Betta (their bathroomware factory) and Bettabaths (their acrylic bath and shower tray factory in Australia).

“We have this thing with Italian tiles”. Italy’s top tiles and home finishes remain their core passion: in fact, some of their Italian manufacturing partners have been with them since 1969!  But over the years, they have also looked further afield, and sought out and partnered with designers and manufacturers in Spain, Switzerland and Thailand who are believed to be best-of-breed in terms of their design aesthetic, quality, cutting edge technology, value-for-money and sustainable practices. They have also formed partnerships with local manufacturers.

 With an eye for design and creativity, and a passion for perfection, Italtile is a décor trend leader that has raised the bar for the curation of the world’s most exclusive and desirable home improvement brands.

They love passing their ideas and advice on to their customers, and are humbled to see how their brand of style and service has turned them into the preferred place to shop for ‘all the best’; a phrase that they coined in their 50th birthday year that best represents what their customers can expect from Italtile: the best value in terms of imported luxury, style, innovation, green choices, and all-round end-to-end shopping experience, from their shop floor to your door.

 All the best innovation.

Since they opened their doors in 1969, they have partnered with suppliers and manufacturers who they believe are at the very top of their game; people who find new and better ways to produce trendsetting décor: with leading edge technologyfuture-forward design, and best practice sustainability and green credo.

Over the years, their customers have been able to live not just beautifully, but mindfully, with water-saving tech from Almar; cutting edge sanware from Laufen, whose futuristic technologies have made designers reimagine their aesthetic; outstanding “tapology” from Tivoli; breakthroughs in porcelain tile design from the likes of Ceramica Sant’Agostino and Atlas Concorde, as well as their ultra-green local partners Ceramic Industries.

All the best trends.

Fashion fads come and go – and they’ve had great success predicting ‘the next best thing’ and translating it for their customers – but trendiness is one thing, and trends are another. All the best fashion trends are the ones with longevity; the ones that become contemporary classics. Many of their partnerships with top tile maestros date back decades: like their 50-year association with Ceramica Sant’Agostino. Over the years, together with their partners, they’ve kept a close watch on the world’s design movements in order to stay at the forefront of matching homeware trends. The result? Masterpiece ranges designed to underscore and add dimension to the widest range of looks: from Industrial and Modern, through Rustic and Ecsectic, Upcycling, Boho Chic and Hygge, to Minimalist and Lagom.

The best sustainable practices.

Their LiveGreen logo is their seal of approval on beautiful design that’s eco-friendly and sustainable.

Italtile strives to be green at heart and to that end, they hold themselves and their suppliers accountable to an eco-standard they call Live Green. They believe that to ‘live beautifully’ doesn’t just mean to surround oneself with gorgeous things. It means the observance of mindful practices: treading carefully, making responsible choices, even looking for second life and upcycling options. Their sustainable path is a green journey from design, to manufacture, and from their floor to the customer door. 

They naturally progressed into designing green showrooms and operating procedures: Italtile Boksburg was their first eco-friendly showroom. The greening process is ongoing. Italtile at The Glen was built using the same green blueprint; their newest showroom in Clearwater functions completely off the grid, running off solar power and borehole water, and all future Italtile showrooms will proudly showcase the LiveGreen ethos.

The best experience.


For half a century they’ve looked for new and rewarding ways to help their customers live beautifully. It’s not just about curating the very best décor trends and technology from around the world. It’s also about creating the very best décor shopping experience; continually finding ways to add value. Their chapters-certified sales advisers are qualified to offer interior design advice. In addition, they have an exceptional new installation service, currently available in Gauteng.

They also offer a try-before-you-buy sample service and have recently partnered with @craftcoffeesa, who created their signature blend Italian coffee and trained their own baristas, allowing customers to enjoy a deliciously brewed cup of coffee while they browse.

Their unique online room design tool, The Visualiser helps customers review different looks from their online product gallery. They also offer a full service webshop.

Community outreach.

Their service extends beyond their showroom doors to the communities in which they work. Community commitments include work with The Little Optimist in Cape Town and regular donations to the Wetnose and Kitty and Puppy Haven organisations.

They’re turning 50, but their customers will get the presents.

A heartfelt thank-you is always important when you’re truly grateful. To that end, they’re giving their customers the presents, in the form of a 4-month 50th-anniversary promotion: with all the best prices – up to 50% off – on all the best products.


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