The DRESS Collection from Nobili will be arriving at Italtile in the next few weeks and they are very extremely excited for this high-end collection to form part of our Tap Range.

The contemporary home and bathroom focus more and more on evoking sensory experiences. Consequently, there is an increasing pursuit of overall identity and harmony in terms of their architecture, surfaces and furnishings. Materials, finishes and colours thus become the drivers of combinations and permutations that can be adapted to any lifestyle.

The new DRESS Collection responds directly to this need through a coordinated design project. Think of it as an ever-evolving “outfit” that can be mixed and matched with an infinite number of perfectly wear-resistant coatings.

So, the times they are a-changing and trends are moving swiftly along. It’s no longer required to fit in. It’s ‘de rigeur’, in fact, to stand out. Not in an outrageous-orange-coloured-baby-shaped-helium-balloon kinda way. But in a wow-look-at-me-now sort of groove. A smart way to get with the style programme is to acquire design that’s on trend. An even smarter way is to align yourself with design aesthetics that set the next trends.

The key phrase here is ‘artful design’: it encompasses everything from smarts, to eye-catching, to inspirational… even to quirky. And what could be more artful than magnificently designed objects, envisioned to encourage you to express who you are when the tailored suit and stilettos are off and it’s just you under that soft and shloomphy toweling gown.

What the best (un)dressed bathrooms* will be wearing.

Pretty soon, you’ll be seeing familiar objects in an unfamiliar form. Some will be built to sense your requirements, like: the smart loo, a high-tech toilet that offers the luxury of music choices, a seat warmer, deodorising, automatic lid opener/closer and adjustable flushing; smart showers that remember what water temperature and flow rate you like. And others will be designed to catch the eye and delight the heart.

Super-natural taps.

While the all-white bathroom will be with us forever, natural and organic colours, textures and tones are on the up and up, adding accents that charm and surprise, for allure and dimension. Enter a very, very impressive and different range of taps.

The colours.

Refined and versatile shades are valorized by the contrast of the chromed lights. Essential, sharp or delicate, the hues of the Colour laminates allow to create a space that is coherent yet at the same time sophisticated, in which tones harmoniously fit into a pondered series of hinted connections to the various furniture elements

White and Chrome are standard in-stock items. All other colours are available on special order. 

Dress to impress.

Break the mould. Be original. Be bold. Tap into next-level style with the Dress Collection from Nobili. Brought to you by Tivoli Taps, straight from Italy and on show exclusively at an Italtile showroom near you.


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