There’s no reason why marble cannot be considered in the modern, minimalist concepts being created by design enthusiasts. Marble is after all, a timeless and versatile piece of nature’s glory.

This glazed polished porcelain tile has a generous size of 1200×1200 mm, and due to this glorious size, complement the seamless look required in creating modern design. These tiles are also rectified to butt up closely together.

The Montclair will add a burst of character to a somewhat bland area but is in line with the clean and glossy finish of modern design.

The Montclair is available in a Noce neutral colour, a more soft and warm hue.

Open up your design world and make it modern with marvellous marble Montclair!

Sizes: 1200 x 1200 mm
Finish: Gloss
Look: Marble
Colours: Noce
Material: Glazed Polished Porcelain
Application: Floor
Origin: Spain




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