One would think it impossible to take something strong and naturally beautiful and make it better – yet Dado has.

Dado baths and basins use Dado Quartz which is formulated by combining finely crushed quartz mined from southern Africa with a resilient resin. The final result is a silky smooth and brilliant white bath. Dado strives to provide a range of styles for a global market. That is why they have extended their existing range to include the Claire and the Nova Ovalo freestanding baths.

As you soak in the bath, you can enjoy the smooth surface under your skin that is hand finished. The Quartz is both hygienic and maintains the heat for longer. Both baths are equilaterally shaped with their slim sides that taper towards their generous base. The high sides envelop the warmth even further around you.

The Novo Ovalo bath has a matching basin with slim sides in order to complete the luxurious appeal of your bathroom space. This bath is also available in either matt or gloss finish and measures 1760 x 820 mm – quite high sides to give the feeling of being enveloped by a warm cocoon.

The Claire bath (as seen in the cover photo) measures 1660 x 700 x 535 mm, which is perhaps slightly smaller than most freestanding stone baths. This may then fit into a more modern, compact space. The bath is available in matt or gloss finish.

View the Dado range of basins and baths here.


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