Founded by the iconic figure of Italian design, Maddalena De Padova in 1956, De Padova was the first company to bring northern European design to Italy, rapidly establishing itself as a well-known design brand with a pioneering spirit.

Experimenting with her instincts, following her innate curiosity and spiced with a pinch of risk, has always been the fire that ignited her choices. In doing this, she founded an innovative style of what should surround our daily lives, as well as an original way of communicating it. Maddalena De Padova introduced what we now know as ‘Lifestyle’ to design.

Her influence on the lifestyle of the European middle classes has been extraordinary, giving the brand De Padova an exceptional reputation, for a collection of furniture that creates a space by the connectivity of one piece with another.

Design greats like Patricia Urquiola trained under Maddalena in their formative years and have gone on to carry her unique design philosophy into contemporary design. Her collaboration with the renowned Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti and Dieter Rams make for an iconic De Padova collection.

De Padova is exclusively available from Generation in Hyde Park Shopping Centre.



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