New to South Africa is Iotty Smart Switch  – a luxury home automation solution that enables you to wirelessly control your lighting.

Iotty is a Smart Switch with integrated WiFi. It’s entirely designed and engineered in Italy to provide easy, smart automation – together with the latest advanced features – into every home.

With Iotty, no ‘hub’ or intricate central unit is required. Iotty works harmoniously with Google Home and Amazon Alexa to effortlessly control the home’s lighting and access via voice control.

This is Iotty.

It’s simple to install and effortless to manage, thanks to its app and is accessible from tablets or smartphones. Every Iotty Smart Device situated inside and outside the home can be managed based on weather conditions, sun and time of day – or simply set to follow the owner’s routine.

The Iotty Smart Switch is the new generation of IoT devices for home automation. It follows a PLUG & PLAY philosophy, with a particular focus on functionality and beautiful aesthetics – coupled to stunning Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design.


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