Lexus evolves its interior design approach with a clean, uncluttered interior for the all-new RX large luxury SUV, which involves focus on a refined and spacious cabin, rich in sensory quality. Add the Tazuna cockpit concept that makes driver and car feel as one.

A ‘less is more’ mantra has long been associated with contemporary interior design and decoration. It translates into design simplicity as being a far more effective way to communicate high quality. This is tastefully illustrated in the interior of the all-new Lexus RX.

This classy, contemporary approach is evident from the point of entry.  Surfaces are clean and uncluttered, helping create a sense of space and refinement.



What is experienced is the result of an evolution of Lexus interior design. Project Chief Designer Jota Kusakari explains: ‘We challenged ourselves to create a simple yet thoughtful space that didn’t rely on ornamentation.’

This approach in no way lessens the appeal of Lexus’ famous takumi hand-crafted luxury: ‘We focused on giving the trim, seats and armrests a tactile feel worthy of a high-quality interior, even paying attention to the door opening and closing feel, as well as the audio quality. This as an overall formula to realise a standard that inspires the senses,’ adds Kusakari.

The new design simplicity can be seen in the way the dashboard sweeps in a clean, continuous form, taking in the metre hood, instrument panel and the door trims. The car’s new e-latch electronic door release system positions the handles lower, allowing the upper section of the door panels to be shaped as a natural extension of the instrument panel.



Tazuna Cockpit

The theme of simplicity perfectly complements Lexus’ tazuna concept for the driver’s cockpit. It rationalises the location and ease of use of the controls and information sources, so that attention is focused on the job of driving.

‘Embodying the tazuna concept, the cockpit design realises a space that allows the driver to have a deeper, more intuitive connection with the car, enabling them to control it as intended,’ says Kusakari. This rationale is witnessed in details such as the co-ordinated arrangement of the information sources – centre console display, metres and head-up display – so their contents can be viewed with a mere small adjustment of the driver’s eye-line.

Sense & Sensibility

These qualities reinforce the impact of the design in every element the car’s occupants can see, touch and hear. They include the new multimedia system, with an improved Human Machine Interface (HMI) that combines intuitive touch screen and physical button controls, plus the pleasing appearance and tactile appeal of new trims and upholstery. Add ambient lighting with a full spectrum of colour options and the reassuring sound made by the doors as they close.



The cabin’s relaxing, reassuring design is even reflected in the way the driver communicates directly with the car. The new ‘Hey Lexus’ on-board assistant is ready to respond to requests and commands using natural, conversational speech. Tell it that you’re hungry and it will recommend nearby places to eat; mention that you’re cold and it will adjust the air conditioning.

SUV Practicality Foremost

This interior design signature is perfectly appropriate for an SUV in delivering the required practicality, convenience and flexibility. Thanks to clever packaging and design, there’s more knee room for rear seat passengers and a better view both laterally and ahead, assisted by the car’s lower belt line and the wider forward field of vision. Access has been made easier with a lower hip-point and adjustment of the easy access power adjustment.



Load-wise, the rear compartment matches the current RX for capacity, despite the new model having a shorter rear overhang; the space has been achieved by design solutions including a thinner back door, a more upright rear suspension design and a lower load height.

Further details, including specification, pricing and availability will be shared closer to launch time. Lexus South Africa plans to introduce the new RX in line with its global release early in 2023.

Watch this space!

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