The internationally renowned contemporary planter company, Indigenus, announces its latest collaboration with two of Africa’s top designers: ceramicist, Andile Dyalvane and furniture designer, Laurie Wiid van Heerden. Indigenus planters demonstrate the scale and impact great sculptural planters can have in an architectural space or landscaped garden.

Bhaca planters are finished in fire-pit black, concrete grey or bleached white; their scarification is on all sides and the dynamic slashed form makes them suitable as independent pieces, seen from any angle. The designs reflect Andile Dyalvane’s connection to his Xhosa roots, while celebrating his mastery of his elemental material of choice: clay. The collaboration involved taking smaller vessels developed by Andile and transforming them into architecturally scaled, large planters through 3D scanning and CNC cutting. Andile’s signature scarification style reflects the Xhosa tradition of cutting or marking skin. Hence the name Bhaca, the Xhosa word for scarification.

Peter van der Post has collaborated with Laurie Wiid van Heerden of Wiid Design once again through a remodelling of their mid-century modern planters on stands. They chose to give the rectangular planters the signature rounded corners of Laurie’s own designs and created a solid base made from Iroko timber, sturdier than the ones found on traditional 1950s planters. The result is sleek and light, combining the sensuality of pale curved concrete with the warm tones of carved wood. Terra planters stand well on their own, or, in a mid-century modern style, lining a wall.



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