Light Filtering blinds allow the maximum amount of light in. They create a serene atmosphere by filtering sunlight in a soft, beautiful and natural way. Fabrics are either translucent or transparent.

Screen fabrics let in loads of light – yet protect people and their furnishings from harmful UV rays and glare, making them excellent energy saving blinds; the opposite being true at night. With their functional properties and architectural look and feel, these screens are ideal for large windows.

Dim Out blinds offer 80 percent block out and are suitable for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. The blinds impede the view from both interior and exterior. The fabrics beautifully filter the sunlight, while still diffusing light inside.

Thanks to Block Out blinds’ coating on the reverse, block-out roller fabrics provide 100 percent block out. As they completely block out light, they are the right fit for the bedroom, boardroom or nursery rooms. Choose between various fabric finishes – and a choice of PVC and non PVC fabrics – to complement the chosen décor.

Taylor’s range of fabrics have anti-microbial, flame retardant, UV and glare protection benefits. All roller blinds can be either automated or manual.



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