ID8 is an established architectural interior design studio, started in 2010 by registered and accredited architects Aurelio Cimato and Adriano Moroldo. Both Cimato and Moroldo envisioned a full-service interior design offering for their firm to form part of Cimato Moroldo Architects Inc.

Head designer Melissa Machet leads the dynamic ID8 team and has over 16 years of experience in the industry. Melissa and her team of experienced designers pride themselves on the creation of sleek, innovative spaces that suit each and every client’s needs. The team effortlessly visualise a client’s brief and seamlessly transform ideas into beautifully curated spaces. “For our clients, we understand their vision and transform their vision into their design by adding creativity and innovation” says Machet.

The ID8 team possess a diverse design portfolio and offer an exceptional understanding and ability to interpret architectural detail, which ultimately creates harmony in design and ensures a balance between exterior and interior of a project.

ID8 offer a wide range of services including design, installation and project management. Each project is approached with the same budget-driven focus, ensuring that each client receives ID8’s superior service as well as complete understanding of cost management.

The ID8 team can be described as curators of style and are committed to creating spaces that are well thought out, innovative, functional and comfortable. With a large portfolio of commercial and residential projects, ID8 specialise in the transformation of corporate spaces with extensive experience in such projects.