@home partnered with local ceramic manufacturer, Rialheim, to introduce its latest tableware pieces and accessories in select stores in December.

Just in time for the holidays, the collection, exclusive to @home, features beautiful statement pieces that will undoubtedly add to magical celebratory moments with family and friends around the festive table.

Handcrafted on a historic 200-year old Robertson farm, the new collection, together with Rialheim’s broader selection items, speaks of the rich culture embedded in South African heritage, and celebrates the individuals’ skill sets that have been foundational in creating the new ceramic collection that is unmatched in style and design.

Moulded from African clay, the Rialheim range commemorates Africa’s natural surroundings and diverse cultures while associating local and global trends. Working closely with @home senior product developers and trend specialists, Rialheim creative director, Rial Kloppers Visagie, and his team took to carefully crafting the stand-out pieces that will don @home’s shelves from December, making it even more sought-after collector’s items. The new collection’s launch marks Rialheim’s fourth appearance in @home stores as well as its sixth birthday.

Rialheim purely showcases its team’s talents, with each item featuring the unique techniques of its creators. The handcrafted textures, combination of colours and particular glazing techniques naturally highlight each ceramic piece’s aesthetic appeal, further reiterating a sense of homegrown sophistication. Says Rialheim’s managing director, Daniel Swanepoel, “Through our founding principles, Dream Believe Fly, we are constantly seeking new ways to reinvent and refocus our approaches, and always ensure this starts with our people, then product and lastly, our processes”.

The new collection impactfully resonates this, with three looks designed explicitly for @home: scratched matte black with a bronze rim, scratched sky grey with a bronze rim and big bang white and black with an exposed nude clay rim.

The sharing of expertise and collaborations are powerful drivers in Rialheim’s vision. Partnering with @home – now approximately four years – has helped the manufacturer broaden their offering. According to Rial, it has made the range more accessible to people, opened doors for new opportunities and help them reach ceramic lovers beyond South Africa. @home has equally enjoyed being part of the process and is honoured to continue being part of Rialheim and its staff’s development: “Our journey with Rialheim has been a truly inspirational one. Not only is it amazing to see a young local talented brand turn into an international success story but their passion for developing and inspiring people is closely aligned with @home’s core values,” says @home buying manager, Lelani Adamson.

visit: www.home.co.za

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